Mission Statement

Santa Gertrudis Breeders International (SGBI) provides progressive leadership, services, programs and technology to promote and broaden the long-term profitability of Santa Gertrudis influence within the beef industry by being member-driven and consumer-focused.


Vision Statement


Santa Gertrudis … the preferred American Beef Breed.




To provide superior member service, actively seek and use partnerships to leverage success, and maintain a focus on profitability for members and their customers.



Alabama Santa Gertrudis Association

Officers: Charles Sandlin - President

                  Lamar Kelly - 1st Vice President

                  Scotty Hopper - 2nd Vice President

                  Betty Kelso-Clough - Secretary/Treasurer


Alabama Santa Gertrudis History:


The Alabama Santa Gertrudis Association (ASGA) was organized by a group of Alabama breeders in 1974 and became an SGBI affiliate in 1975.  Under the leadership of Mrs. Ann Upchurch a Federally designated 501(c)(3) Youth Fund was established.  Activities, which have historically been sponsored by ASGA include annual sale, field days, seminars, cattle demonstrations, open shows, junior shows, social gatherings, etc.



Arkoma Santa gertrudis Association

Officers: Rance Reynolds - President



                Justin Lovitt - Vice President

                Don Perner - Secretary/Treasuer




Debbie Gautz, Ira Barrow, Gary Harding, Dale Pitchford


Arkoma Santa Gertrudis Association Activities:


Warm-up Shows - April, May, June
Sale in conjunction with Tulsa State Fair - last Saturday in September



Santa Gertrudis Breeders of the CarolinasSanta Gertrudis Breeders of the Carolinas

Officers: Tony Creech - President
                  12483 NC Hwy 39
                  Zebulon, NC 27597


                  Michael Hadley - Vice President
                  9108 Bethel - South Ford Rd.
                  Snow Camp, NC 27349


                  Carlyle Sherrill - Secretary/Treasurer
                  P.O. Box 599
                  Mount Ulla, NC 28125




Santa Gertrudis Breeders of the Carolinas History:


The official breed magazine, the Santa Gertrudis Journal was first published in September 1959.  In that first issue was an announcement that the Santa Gertrudis Breeders of the Carolinas would have a fall meeting and field day at Ox-Bo Ranch near Charlotte, NC.  Ox-Bo was owned by Colonel Vann Lee Shaw, who was also on the SGBI Board of Directors.  The first Santa Gertrudis Breeders of the Carolinas Sale was held in Columbia, South Carolina on October 30, 1961.


Some of the original Santa Gertrudis enthusiasts encountered health problems, and the Santa Gertrudis Breeders of the Carolinas became defunct in the late 1960’s.  The Breeders of the Carolinas were re-chartered in 1977 and have been active ever since.   The purpose of the affiliate is to promote the Santa Gertrudis breed of cattle and to assist the members in the marketing of their cattle.


Santa Gertrudis Breeders of the Carolinas Activities:


2014 Santa Gertrudis Breeders of the Carolinas 41st Annual Sale
Educational Field Day - September
Junior Program - varies



Florida Santa Gertrudis Association

Officers: Hilda Edenfield- President


                  Bryan Jones - Vice President


                  Shelly Terrell - Secretary/Treasurer


                  Casey Jones - Youth Advisor



Florida Santa Gertrudis Activities:

Florida State Fair - February 
Columbia Classic Steer & Heifer Show - May 
Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair - November 




Georgia Santa Gertrudis AssociationGeorgia Santa Gertrudis Association

Officers: Wes McDaniel- President


                  Dan Davis - Vice President


                  John Denson - Secretary/Treasurer


Georgia Santa Gertrudis History:


The major emphasis of the Georgia Santa Gertrudis Association (chartered January 1978) is to breed strong Santa Gertrudis cattle that will work for both the purebred and commercial cattleman.  GSGA supports the breed improvement efforts of SGBI and the Official SGBI NuGen Project.  GSGA is very proud of the tremendous efforts of our small but energetic junior association.


Georgia Santa Gertrudis Activities:


Georgia Beef Expo, Perry, GA – April
Southeastern Livestock Show, Lawrenceville GA - September
Sun Belt Agricultural Expo, Moultrie, GA – October
Mountain Laurel Classic Sale, Calhoun, GA – November
UGA Calhoun and Tifton Bull Tests
Field Day – varies per year



Kentucky Santa Gertrudis AssociationKentucky Santa Gertrudis Association

Officers: John Taylor - President
                Cody Mattingly - Vice President
                Beverly Heath - Secretary/Treasurer


Kentucky Santa Gertrudis Board Members:


Nolan Taylor, Jerrod Heath, Beverly Heath, Rodney Smith, Karen Taylor, Dan Pearman and Coty Mattingly.


Kentucky Santa Gertrudis Association Activities:

Kentucky National Santa Gertrudis Show & Sale – 3rd weekend each July
WKU Ag Expo Center, Bowling Green, KY
Kentucky Junior Show, Bowling Green, KY
Kentucky State Fair – August
Kentucky State Fair & Expo CenterKentucky Santa Gertrudis Association, Louisville, KY
North American International Livestock Expo (NAILE) –November, Louisville, KY
Quarterly Association meetings


Affiliate Contact Info:

Nolan Taylor

1230 Bark Ridge Circle

Hopkinsville, KY 42240











Louisiana Santa Gertrudis Association

Officers: Charles Sam Jonesl- President


                  Erik Wiley - Vice President


                  Amber Robertson - Secretary/Treasurer


Affiliate Contact Info:

                  Troy Luquette - 337-501-2729

                  Beau Robertson - 512-925-2830

                  John Green - 225-405-3723
                  Glenn Hollis - 318-433-1059


Mid America Santa Getrudis associationKentucky Santa Gertrudis Association

Officers: Aaron Schroeder - President

                Hughsville, MO


                Craig Mathis - Vice President

                Doniphan, MO


                Britney Shields - Secretary

                LaRussell, MO


                Sherry Hampton - Treasurer

                California, MO


                Tiffany Dugan - Junior Leader


                Frank Hamilton, Don Mallinson & Mike Owens - Board Members


Mid America Santa Gertrudis Activities:


Membership Meeting - February 20, 2016

Missouri Jr. Cattlemen’s Show – June
Ozark Empire Fair – late July
Missouri State Fair - August


2018 Mid-America Santa Gertrudis Directory



Mid Coast Santa Gertrduis AssociationMid-coast Santa Gertrudis Association

Officers:  David Moran - President
                  Debbie Townsend - Vice President 
                  Allen Ginnard- Secretary/Treasurer

Mid-Coast Santa Gertrudis Association Board Members:


Allen Ginnard, Billy Eubanks, Patti Urbanosky Stem, Judy Wallace, David Moran, Gale Villanueva, Matt Kubena, and Jason Miller


Mid-Coast Santa Gertrudis Association Website:             


Mid-Coast Santa Gertrudis History:


Chartered in 1954, the Mid-Coast Santa Gertrudis affiliate is one of the most active organizations within Santa Gertrudis Breeders International (SGBI) with nearly 100 active members.  Since the inception, members have dedicated themselves to enhancing and promoting the Santa Gertrudis breed of cattle, as well as this great organization.

The major emphasis of the Mid-Coast affiliate is to promote improved breeding, production, and the sale of Santa Gertrudis cattle.  In addition to sponsoring two annual sale – the International Super Sale held during the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo in the spring and the Cattleman’s Opportunity Sale held in late summer, Mid-Coast annually hosts The Aisle Party prior to the International Super Sale.  To enhance communication and education among the members, a quarterly newsletter, The Cattle Rattle, is published along with hosting an annual membership meeting and seasonal field days.


Mid-Coasts’ junior program is a top priority.  With the assistance of a youth advisor, the Mid-Coast Board sponsors a Jr. Heifer Show in the spring as a warm-up for the annual National Junior Santa Gertrudis Heifer Show, as well as providing buckles and premium money during the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Jr. Santa Gertrudis Show.  The affiliate’s junior membership annually elects junior officers, a queen and a princess at the spring event, who publishes a quarterly junior newsletter and organize fundraisers for member-based activities.  In addition, educational scholarships are provided annually to deserving junior members.


Junior Membership



Mid-Coast Santa Gertrudis Activities:


International Super Sale – March (Reliant Center, Houston, TX)
Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Santa Gertrudis Open Show – March (Reliant Center, Houston, TX)
Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Jr. Heifer Show – March (Reliant Center, Houston, TX)
Norval & Anna Sells Mid-Coast Jr. Show – May 6th (Wharton Co. Fairgrounds)
Cattleman’s Opportunity Sale– September 16 (Halletsville, TX)
Quarterly Association meetings


Mid-Coast Santa Gertrudis Association Contact Info:


Allen Ginnard

15300 McCraven School Rd.

Washington, TX 77880




Ohio Santa Gertrudis Association

Officers: Larry Osborne - President


                Gary Grubb - Vice President


                Barbara Grubb - Secretary/Treasurer



Premier Santa Gertrudis Association

Officers: Chris Taliaferro - President


                Darrell Pitchrord - 1st Vice President


                Brad Bland - 2nd Vice President


                Brian Cummings - Secretary
                Matt Nichols - Treasurer

               Glenn Romines - Director

               Dan Palecek - Director


Premier Santa Gertrudis Association History:


The first Affiliate to be chartered by SGBI in 1953 was originally named East Texas Santa Gertrudis Association.  In 1959 ESTGA changed their name to Premier SGA.  We were also the Association that helped put on the first National Junior SGA shows in Dallas and Waco, Texas.


Premier Santa Gertrudis Activties:


Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo- January
Premier Cow Town Elite Sale- January
Premier Annual membership meeting- January
Premier Junior Warm up Show and Field Day- May
State Fair of Texas Livestock Show- October



Rio Grande Valley Santa Gertrudis Association

Officers and Directors: 

Loel Garza: President
Debbie Martinez: Vice President 
Cindy Boyle: Secretary
Fidel Ozuna: Treasurer
Ben Olivarez: Director
Adan Maldonado: Director
Pat Ozuna: Director
Adelina Gutierrez: Director
Larry Garza: Director 


Rio Grande Valley Santa Gertrudis History:
The Rio Grande Valley Santa Gertrudis Association was established in 1960 and is one of the oldest affiliates in our breed.  Its core was made up of local ranchers with the goal of marketing and promoting South Texas Santa Gertrudis cattle native to the area of which the breed was originally formed, South Texas.  Edward Burlson Raymond, Formanof the El Sauz division of the King Ranch and owner of Las Majadas Ranch, was instrumental in the creation of the Rio Grande Valley Santa Gertrudis Association.  Thanks to his vision and that of other prominent cattlemen, we enjoy the benefits of what they created.


Today, the Rio Grande Valley Santa Gertrudis Association is comprised of registered and commercial breeders from the Rio Grande Valley as well as other areas throughout the nation.  The R.G.V.S.G.A. promotes the South Texas Pioneer Sale held annually in March in conjunction with the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show in Mercedes, Texas.  The Sale promotes South Texas Genetics, many of which cannot be found anywhere else but Deep South Texas.  We encourage buyers to COME BUILD A HERD, as our slogan inspires. 

The Rio Grande Valley Affiliate, in order to promote Rio Grande Valley genetics, holds the Rio Grande Valley Santa Gertrudis Association Futurity Show, annually, during the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show.  This show is held on the first evening of the show and officially kicks off the Santa Gertrudis week.  RGV juniors showing RGV born and bred Santa Gertrudis and Star 5 cattle compete for belt buckles, rosettes and various other prizes during the event.  Breeders can come and see RGV genetics at its very best during our futurity show.

Our affiliate works hard to promote our youth, which we feel is a cornerstone of our affiliate.  Our junior membership consists of 45 eager and enthusiastic junior breeders working hard to promote the breed, as well as their own cattle.  Every year, junior members consign cattle to our Pioneer Sale in order to promote their brand of Santa Gertrudis cattle and put them into production.  Our juniors work hard at the Pioneer Sale and other events; they are instrumental to the success of the affiliate.  We thank them for all they do.

Recently, RGVSGA began a new tradition, GUNS FOR GERTS.  As our annual junior membership fund raiser, the affiliate created a skeet shoot in order to raise funds for scholarship opportunities.  Teams compete in a skeet competition as well as an Annie Oakley completion for belt buckles and other prizes.Come see us in April for this great event.


The Rio Grande Valley Santa Gertrudis Association is one, full of tradition and deep roots embedded into the Santa Gertrudis breed we love so much.  We hope you come and see any one of our breeders the next time you are looking for great South Texas Genetics.



Rocky Mountain Santa Gertrudis Association

President: Dr. Roland K. Sanchez, Bosque N.M.

Vice Pres: Stacey Montano, Las Vegas N.M.

Secretary/Treasurer: Elia Sanchez, Bosque N.M

District #1Rep: Warren Harris


RMSGA History:


The Rocky Mountain Santa Gertrudis Association was founded by the late Tweet Kimble of Cherokee Ranch. RMSGA strives to produce profitable and productive cattle for both the purebred and commercial breeders. RMSGA strives to expand the footprint of Santa Gertrudis influenced cattle across the Southwest. 


Rocky Mountain Santa Gertrudis Association Events:


Rocky Mountain Santa Gertrudis Spring Runoff Sale - April

Red Hot Bull Sale - April

RMSGA Banquet - September


South Texas Santa Gertrudis Association

President: Kenneth Tom Hefte

Vice President: Felix Serna

Secretary/Treasurer: Kathryn Hefte

Directors: Larry Garza, Mike Tater, Amanda Howze Lawrence, Kathryn Hefte, Felix Serna, George Hood, Kenneth Tom Hefte, Miranda Gravett


South Texas Santa Gertrudis Association Activities:

South Texas Heritage Sale - November

Better Beef Contest (at the National Junior Santa Gertrudis Heifer Show) - June


South Texas Santa Gertrudis Association Website:


For more information regarding our affiliate, visit our website, email us at, or call Kathryn Hefte at (210)414-2493