Breed Standards








    1. Hair Color

Solid Santa Gertrudis red  
           (light or dark)

Slight dilution of red.
Some white haris in switch.

Creamy underline and twist, dilution, light or dark spots in other areas; blackish red.

Any extreme manifestation or combination of discriminations that will be a definite detriment to our breed improvement. White outside underline or other spotting in other parts of the body. Brindling in any extent. Roam condition. No more than 50% of the underlin may be white and white must remain behind the front legs and may not extend past the udder or testicles.

    2. Hair Patterns

       (dependant on environtment)

Short, straight, slick coat

Medium Length

Long, wavy hair


    3. Head





        a. Bull

Broad with sufficient length, masculine, slightly convex forehead; straight profile


Long and narrow, dish face, cow head. (feminine)


        b. Female

Feminine with sufficient length and width.


Long and narrow, dish face, bullish head. (masculine)


    4. Ears

Medium to large, slightly dropping, open forward.

Horizontal position

Turned down; Small


    5. Eyes

Large, prominent, pigmented


Close together, *bug-eyed*


    6. Horns


Horned or Polled



    7. Muzzle

Broad and Large



Wry nose, overshot or undershot jaw.

    8. Tail

Smooth insertion, full, long switch reaching below hocks.


High insertion "rat tail" or short tail.

Wry Tail

    9. Dewlap

Moderate Development


Lack of dewlap, tight throat.


   10. Navel





      a. Bull

Flat Medium-sized


Excessive bell


      b. Female

Navel score of 3 or less, well attached and balanced.


Excessive bell shaped or irregularly attached navel.

Evidence of navel change; hernia.






    1. Temperament

Mild, easily managed



Mean disposition






    1. General form or type





        a. Bull

Exceptional breed character, displaying masculinity and strong straight lines. Great depth, bone, body capacity and thickness. He is structurally correct from end to end and stands correctly on his feet and legs. Long rump, long muscled, deep quartered and has adequate looseness of hide; free in his movement.


Small and refined

Short and round muscled

Extremely rangy or flat sided. No thickness or natural muscle.

       b. Female

Ideal breed character, feminine head, clean in the front and blending smoothly from neck to shoulders. Long and smooth in her muscle structure yet displays adequate bone, depth and body capacity. Strong over her top, full in the crop, deep in the flank and have moderate slope from hooks to pins. Stands correctly on a good set of feet and legs; free in her movement.



Small and refind, hard "doing"; lack of natural muscle.

    2. Neck





       a. Bull

Medium in length, muscular, but neat, smooth attachment; moderate crest, hump and dewlap development.


Short, thin neck, excessive or too large a crest and lack of dewlap, "ewe neck"


       b. Female

Moderately thin, neat and blending smoothly in shoulders and moderate dewlap development.


Short, thick coarse neck, lack of dewlap, "ewe neck" showing masculinity.


   3. Shoulder and forearms





       a. Bull

Well muscled, massive, masculine; with definition of forearm muscling, Free moving.



Excessively open cauing front legs to bow.

       b. Female

Smooth and moderately muscled, blending smoothly into rest of body; as viewed from side, should be slightly shallower in forequarter than rear quarter.



Excessivley open causing front legs to bow.

    4. Crest





       a. Bull

Evidence of hump immediately forward of the top of shoulders.

Absence of hump

Large Hump


       b. Female

Absence of hump




    5. Chest

Full and wide chest floor, full crop and full heart girth with ample capacity. Clean broad brisket.


Pinched in at the crop, narrow heart, or narrow chest floor; Protruding brisket short middle or short coupling, tight ribs and middle giving appearance of "barrel belly"; weak or slack top and hump back.

Excessive brisket.

    6. Back, ribs and loin

An abundance of natural thickness down top; ribs, well sprung from loin-well arched with good length to give good depth of body and capacity.




    7. Hindquarter

Tail head smoothly attached; rump long, Level naturally thick, moderate slope from hooks to pins.


Extremely sloping rump and extremely rounded or "apple-butted"

Short and excessive droop; narrow at pins.

    8.Round and Twist





       a. Bull

Thick and deep, meeting well down to the hocks; long with well developed stifle; muscle extending well into flank.


Shallow round or twist lacking natural thickness; high in the twist.

Double muscling

       b. Female

Moderate to moderately heavy muscled, but most important smoothly muscle; deep and full.


High in the twist lacking natural thickness.

Double muscling






    1. Legs

Length proportionate to animal, ample boned and sound joints


Heavy boned

Weak pattern, fine boned and excessive set of hocks.

"Post-legged";absence of any set of hocks.

    2. Feet

Squarely set and sound


Wide set toes indication of corns







    1. Bulls





       a. Sheath

Retracted prepuce, 45 degree angle and small orifice. Sheath score 3 or less.


Twisted or turned up.

Sheath score of 4

Non-retractable prepuce. Persistently dangling prepuce, losse 90 degree pendulous and large orifice. Sheath score 5.

       b. Testicles

Well developed and proportionate in size - Min. 34 cm diameter take between 11 and 15 months of age.

Min. 32 cm diameter taken between 11 and 15 months of age.


A scrotal circumference of less than a 30 cm taken between 11 and 15 months of age. Underdeveloped; cryptorchid lone descending testicle.

    2. Females





       a. Udder and Teats

Udder well attached; four teats moderate in size and well placed under the udder


Pendulous or fleshy udder; large or uneven teats

Freemartin heifers

       b. Genital Organs

Well developed

Adequate groth (for age)


Underdeveloped or small



Frame Score 5.5 to 7.0 @ 11 to 15 months

Frame Score 5.0 to 7.5

Frame Score <5 or > 7.5







    1. Pigment

Red or Pink

Some black slate in nose

Black nose, around eyes, scrotum, udder, genitals and anal area

3 or more areas being black

    2. Hide

Loose, thick, vacular, moveable and pliable




    3. Skin

Red pigmented


Some black

Solid black


An IMF score no lower than 3.0 at 11-15 months or age.